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Welcome back guys and today we will learn about animal life in Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) in Africa

Lions, giraffes, elephants, antelopes and a variety of snakes as inhabitants are found in Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC. Many real species of gorillas chimpanzees and baboons groom in the forest freely. The area near the river are home to hippopotamuses and crocodiles. Not only this, the country is also home to a wide variety of birds and butterflies such as toucans, humming bird, Macaws and parrots 🦜. Many animals and birds live on trees such as monkeys and flying squirrels. Many types of insects are also found in the region, including the tsetse fly. Pigmy chimpanzees are found in the forests of central Africa. They create large nests high up on trees for sitting and sleeping. They use Mud, pine and weed stalks to make it. The nest are big enough to hold a whole family of chimpanzees. Okapi is a forest giraffe. This endangered mammal also lends its name to the Okapi wildlife reserve. A bloodsucking fly called tsetse fly is very common in this region. This fly causes sleeping sickness.


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