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Welcome back guys and today we will learn about animal life of Greenland.

Do you know where reindeers are found? They are found in the Arctic. Animals which can bear extreme cold are found on this island. Most of them have a thick coat of fur which protects them from the cold. Some of the animals found on the island Are polar beer, caribou, mink, musk ox, Artic fox, Artic wolf, seals, Wales, etc. Sea birds such as gull and puffin are also found in Greenland. The musk ox has a long shaggy coat, which almost reaches the ground like skirt. Huskies, the wolf-like dogs, are used to pull sledges 🛷 and for hunting. A variety of fish is found in the region. It includes salmon, trout and cod. Kayak: Narrow boat with pointed ends.


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